Romain Vincelot – Manorlands, Oxenhope 19th October 2017

On Thursday 19th October, Romain Vincelot went to a player appearance at Manorlands, Oxenhope, Keighley. Manorlands is a hospice mainly for cancer sufferers who go for palliative care.

In conjunction with the PFA, on the 4th October we got a phone call from a family member of a patient at Manorlands Hospice, saying that the patient was a massive Bradford City fan and wondered whether there was any chance of a player visiting him. On hearing this news Club Captain, Romain Vincelot rang Ian Ormondroyd to see if we could purchase a card from the Club shop and he would the first team squad to sign it and take it up personally to Manorlands.

We were asked if a player could visit a Bradford City fan who is in Manorlands but who was very poorly, Romain agreed to do the visit even though it may have been cancelled at the last minute. The player asked if he could take a signed card by all the first team squad for the gentleman in question, saying "We were really sorry when we heard that the patient wasn't well enough to meet us today, so we thought to sign a card for him to let him know we were thinking of him".
On the day of the appearance we got word the gentleman was too poorly for a visit, but Romain insisted he took the card over anyway.

Ian Ormondroyd, Community Manager at Bradford City, said “I thought it was a fantastic gesture by Romain to go to see the patient at Manorlands, especially when the hospice rang in the morning to say that he wasn well enough to be seen by anybody, Romain insisted on taking the card up anyway, and met the fundraising team who do a fantastic job at raising funds for the running of the hospice. The players are always are very supportive of player appearances in the community, especially when it means so much to the family at a time like this”

Romain even asked a few days before the visit if he could take some of the other first team squad up, but as the gentleman was too poorly he went by himself just to deliver the card, initially. 

On his arrival the gentleman was well enough to be seen and Romain sat and chatted with him and gave him the card. Romain also met the fundraising team at Manorlands and was very supportive of their work.
The nurses were very pleased with the visit and the trouble the player took to get there, and sent us an email saying:

“On behalf of everyone here at Sue Ryder Manoralands Hospice I would like to say a huge thank you to Romain for taking the time to come to see us today. Luckily our patient felt better by the time Romain arrived and was able to see meet him. This meant everything for our patient, he will always treasure this day.”

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