Statement of Policy for Safety, Health and Welfare

Bradford City Community Foundation is committed to providing a safe environment for all staff, players, coaches, participants and parents. It will promote safety, health and welfare of all participants in all our activities at all times and considers such issues to be of prime importance. As such the Trustees and staff are committed to pursuing the highest standards in these areas.

Appropriate instruction, training, coaching and supervision will be provided together with adequate resources to ensure that safety, health and welfare are successfully managed and the policy intent is implemented.

To support the delivery of this policy statement, Bradford City Community Foundation is committed to:

• Pursue high standards of coaching and ensure that all activities within the scheme take proper account of safety, health and welfare.
• Conduct a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks likely to be encountered during the execution of all activities undertaken by the club
• Work with parents and children alike to enhance the reputation of Bradford City Community Foundation in the local community and further a field
• Keep safety, health and welfare considerations uppermost during all our work.
• actively take steps to prevent accidents and work related ill health.
• Ensure all those responsible for the coaching and development of children have received the appropriate FA Training
• Ensure the all staff are familiar with the Critical Incident Policy and Procedures
• Ensure all staff working on our NCS Programme are fully trained in all aspects of health and safety relating to that programme
• Appoint a competent person to advise on all safety, health and welfare issues
• Provide access to adequate first aid facilities and to train those persons responsible for the provision of first aid treatment
• Review and, if necessary, revise this policy and the risk assessment on an annual basis or in the event of a significant change to the club arrangements
• carry out risk assessments of all our activities on all programmes.
• allocate sufficient resources to ensuring commitment to health and safety.

Roles and Responsibilities

Bradford City Community Foundation Representatives.

The trustee with Lead responsibility for Health and Safety is Roger Owen.

• ensure all up to date legislation is followed and staff are trained in its implementation
• leads on setting the Health and Safety strategy for the Community Foundation

The person with overall responsibility for Health and Safety is the Community Foundation Manager: 
Ian Ormondroyd

• Ensure all Bradford City FC Health and Safety policies are implemented
• organises staff training 
• ensures staff are taking health and safety seriously

For the NCS Programme first responsibility is with NCS Manager : Adam Thirsk

• Ensures all NCS Health and Safety procedures are implemented
• ensures Bradford City FC Health and Safety Procedures are implemented
• carries out site visits
• carries out risk assessments on venues and sites
• organises staff training on health and Safety of all aspect of NCS Programme

For our Trainee programme the person with first responsibility is Paula Helliwell (Project Manager)

• risk assesses classroom facilities
• collects medical information from learners
• develops PEP if needed
• ensures all trainees are given health and safety information as part of induction

For the Football and Education the person(s) with first responsibility will be Matthew Marshall (teacher) and Craig Farrand/Kim Farrand (coaches)

Bradford City Community Foundation Trustees, Staff and volunteers ,coaches and office staff will at all times:

• Uphold the principles of the Community foundation constitution
• be consulted and involved in the development and delivery of health and safety 
• Put the safety, health and welfare of the all the participants in our activities first
• Display the appropriate leadership and behaviours and lead by example
• Be aware of and adhere to all relevant Health and Safety legislation:
Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974
Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

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